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Master of Business Administration

Course Description

Cambridge attracts brilliant people, and the work done at this university impacts society globally. As an MBA, you will be learning and connecting in this rich environment, able to explore options, follow interests, seek supporters, and pursue future goals. Students with strong motivation and self-direction, open minds, and big ambitions thrive here.


The MBA is taught through a blend of workshops, seminars, lectures, small-group work, group discussion, presentations and experiential learning. There are core courses which form the foundation of the degree, and a wide variety of elective subjects for students to choose from. In the third term specialist coaches run concentrations in key areas of interest, details of which can be found on the Personalised Learning page on our website.


Across the course students are given the opportunity to engage in practical opportunities for experiential learning. This includes two live consulting projects, with real clients, a group project as part of the concentration and an individual project or work placement, often self-sourced, during the summer term.

Visit the MBA Curriculum page on the Cambridge Judge Business School website for more details.


Students are given formal written feedback on most coursework assignments submitted during the course, which is released alongside the marks. The style and content of this feedback is dependent on the style of assessment. There is no formal individual feedback on examinations and in-class tests.

Visit the Master of Business Administration page on the University of Cambridge web site for more details!

Entry Requirements

Applicants for this course should have achieved a UK High II.i Honours Degree.

If your degree is not from the UK, please check International Qualifications to find the equivalent in your country.

Admission requires:

A high II.i degree or equivalent.

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