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    Course Description

    This course will enable you to address complex problems that face organisations in today’s dynamic international business environment.

    The Canterbury Christ Church MBA International is primarily designed for recent university graduates who have little or no prior work experience but are interested in developing a future career in international business and management. The course aims to engage and educate you in preparation for managerial and career roles in the international business arena. The course has a strong emphasis on employability for careers in business, management and policy making.

    The MBA International will encourage stringent and critical professional development, engaging you with the systematic review of international business theories, policies and practice. It will reflect an international body of thinking and study, and investigation of international business problems in the current, complex environment.

    It will help you gain insights into the latest trends in international business, as well as UK private and public sector organisations. With the experience of our leading team of researchers and professional practice tutors, we will ensure the MBA International course maintains a pragmatic focus to enhance your business career.

    The course will provide you with the necessary knowledge, skills and expertise required in a dynamic, unpredictable and unprecedented global trading environment. Graduates can also engage in further research on the MPhil/PhD programme.

    What’s the difference between MSc International Business and MBA International?

    The key difference between our pre-experience courses comes from the breadth and depth of the learning and teaching strategies.

    MSc International Business is more academic driven with a focus on critical reasoning related to the international, research-driven context of complex multinational management issues. It refines overarching management competencies with an emphasis on building international business skills. It also offers an opportunity for academic career progression towards academic development. i.e. continuation towards Phd degree.

    MBA International caters for students who are looking for a more applied employability boost, through a transformational program that encourages students to grow both personally and professionally. The MBA has a more problem-solving based approach to learning and teaching. Both assessments are rooted in authentic and practical workplace scenarios aimed at enabling the integration of theory and practice in a more dynamic real-world context that help students to use the acquired knowledge.

    All about the course

    Internationalisation is a notion which is thoroughly examined and addressed in the course. The MBA International has been carefully crafted to reflect the complex, dynamic and multifaceted character of work-related learning and international business. The focus is very much on the development of the whole person in acquiring the skills and attributes necessary for the leaders, entrepreneurs and policymakers of tomorrow in management, strategy and decision-making and communication. You will also develop a clear understanding of the environment in which international businesses operate in terms of law, economics, marketing, finance and governance, as well as politics and culture and communications. The programme combines blended learning approaches including classroom, online and work-based learning to provide you with a strong mix of practical skills, industry experience, networking opportunities and academic understanding to support personal and professional development.

    As well as a strong international element, the programme has active practitioner involvement and brings real-life professional and business situations into the classroom. The individual business plan project provides an opportunity for you to set yourself apart and demonstrate to potential employers a high level of thinking in relation to strategic trends and issues facing modern businesses.

    How you’ll learn:

    Learning and Teaching

    The MBA International is designed to bring reality into the classroom. The course ensures that formal sessions are interactive with an emphasis on discussion, debate and critique of theoretical concepts, and application to real-world business problems. The examples of professional practice are integrated in each module outline. You will also have plenty of opportunities to hone your presentation skills and to work on group tasks. An important element of your learning process is a lively debate, and consideration of experiences and practices from different countries and cultural background is central to discovering more about the complexities of the fields of international business.

    A range of teaching and blended learning strategies will be used, including lectures (on-line and offline), interactive workshops; independent study; guided study; focused readings; student presentations; tutorials and illustrative case-study analyses. You will have the opportunity to offer evidence from your own experiences where this is relevant and will critically examine strategic issues from other organisations. We will make extensive use of the University’s virtual learning environment (Blackboard and Collaborate Ultra) and other, appropriate online resources for all aspects of teaching, learning, assessment, communication and administration. All modules will have a dedicated Blackboard containing a wide range of learning resources and other material that support, supplement and in some cases provide an alternative to lectures and seminars.

    Your future career

    This course is heavily oriented towards international business landscape. Many of our graduate students will leave to pursue careers in management consultancy, as well as work in retailing, manufacturing and services. With a strong emphasis on the development of employment skills, graduates go on to pursue various careers in business, management or policymaking. Graduates from this programme often engage in further research on the MPhil/PhD programme. We actively ensure that the curriculum responds proactively to your needs and your community of practice to support success in your future professional roles.

    Visit the MBA International page on the Canterbury Christ Church University web site for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    You will need an appropriate Honours degree (minimum 2.2, or equivalent qualification). If you are an international student (with a first degree from a non-UK higher education institution), you will also need to demonstrate English language proficiency, with a combined 6.5 IELTs score (or equivalent).

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