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      2 years part-time
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    Course Description

    Pre-study modules covering mathematics and stats will be available to you from three months prior to the start of the programme. This ensures all students have the basic knowledge and skills required for the start of the programme.

    There is also a range of pre-programme activities for you to complete including pre-reading and other useful information to help you prepare for student life.

    Delivered mainly on Tuesday and Thursday evenings our Executive MBA gives you the flexibility to work full-time while developing new business skills, knowledge and expertise to transform your career. If you would prefer to study over long weekends, please look at our Modular Executive MBA.

    The first year is designed to build on your current expertise and explore other key areas, you will gain a bigger picture of business as a whole which you can implement in your work immediately. During the second year, you have the opportunity to tailor the content learnt through a wide choice of electives, culminating with a major piece of self-managed consultancy.

    We also place a strong emphasis on enhancing the soft skills needed for senior leadership through personalised workshops and one-to-one support. These run throughout the two years.

    Extraordinary learning

    • Our outstanding reputation as a top ranked global business school.
    • The latest academic research and industry knowledge drawn from our renowned faculty, policy makers, entrepreneurs and business practitioners.
    • The practical application’ learning approach – apply new theory to your current role immediately, and see the impact your learning can have on external business during the international consultancy trip.
    • Our collaborative learning environment, with small immersive classes and a cohort drawn from a range of industries.
    • Learning you can customise, with a wide range of elective concentrations available over flexible formats.

    In an extraordinary place

    • Our unrivalled locations – in London, close to the City’s financial core and the new tech belt centred on Silicon Roundabout.
    • Access to our campus in the Dubai International Financial Centre, the leading financial hub for the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.
    • The only global business school to have a dedicated Mergers & Acquisitions Research Centre.

    Offering extraordinary opportunities

    • Your chance to develop an explorer’s mind-set, ready to read and respond to rapidly changing business environments, by joining the Expeditionary Society.
    • Access to the £10million Bayes Entrepreneurship Fund for high potential early stage businesses.
    • Joining, and learning with, an international and diverse network of fellow executives.
    • International electives in over nine locations to give a truly global perspective.

    Building extraordinary foundations for your future

    • Continuous support and guidance from dedicated professional staff and alumni mentors throughout your two-year journey.
    • Our integrated careers service, with professional development built into the curriculum and support that continues after graduation.
    • Continued learning with alumni access to https://community.city.ac.uk/cass/bayes-alumni-home" target="_blank">one free elective each year.
    • Our global alumni network of over 46,000 alumni who you can connect with throughout your career, plus links to international businesses.

    Visit the Executive MBA page on the Bayes Business School web site for more details!

    (Student Profile)

    Gareth Evans

    Why did you choose the Cass Executive MBA?
    I had a very clear goal of leaving my career in sales, and wanted to develop a deeper understanding of how businesses work. I didn't know what field I wanted to move into precisely, but I felt that an MBA would help me to explore my options. Cass Business School ticked all the right boxes for me due to its excellent London location, which was near my work and home. Plus, the fact that it offered an Executive MBA programme allowed me to fit study around my busy work schedule. The teaching is of a very high standard and very practical. You gain real insights as many members of the faculty have been successful in business. As a result, I was able to apply the theory I’d learned in the classroom to my work.

    What are the highlights of the programme?
    The international offerings turned out to be a big highlight of the programme. In Israel and Palestine, we visited a number of startups, explored the West Bank and discovered some of the amazing things they are doing there. I also visited Silicon Valley, where I gained exposure to some world-class technology firms and developed an in-depth understanding of what they’re doing out there.

    How has the programme impacted your career?
    I would say that taking the EMBA is the best decision I’ve made in my career. I achieved my aim of getting out of sales on the very day I finished the programme, a brilliant return on my investment. I came away feeling more confident in my own capabilities than I ever had before, which then gave me the boost to launch my own business. By the time I graduated in January I was working for myself. Now I am Founder and director of Eastbound, a management consulting company. The programme has helped me to fulfil everything that I wanted and so much more.

    (Student Profile)

    Lisa Sohanpal

    Why did you choose to do the Executive MBA?
    I was in a sales management role in the medical devices industry and I wanted to move to a more senior position. To do that, I needed an MBA to broaden my business expertise beyond sales. I had a very specific goal – to be promoted to a senior level and triple my income by the time I had finished the MBA. If I was going to commit to an MBA, I had to make the return of investment worthwhile. I looked at all the options and Cass Business School particularly appealed to me for several reasons. Firstly, it was listed in the global Financial Times Top 10 ranking. Secondly, it is located in the heart of London. And thirdly, throughout the interview process and meeting key members at Cass, they were very welcoming towards women and had a diverse group from a wide range of backgrounds. The Executive MBA enabled me to study in the evenings and weekends – around full-time work. It was quite intense. But it has also made me a lot more efficient at working and juggling things.

    How has the programme impacted your career?
    Having an EMBA from a highly credible institution on my CV carried weight – and I made sure that they knew about it in interviews! Within six months of starting the EMBA, I had changed jobs and tripled my salary – so I achieved my goal, fast. I became an international director for a leading medical device company and I was able to use a lot of the learning from the EMBA and apply it within my work. It made me realise that it doesn’t matter which industry you go to, you can apply your EMBA learning and skills set. That’s why, some years later, I did not hesitate to change industry again when I became co-founder and CEO of Nom Noms World Food.
    Professionally, the EMBA has had a huge impact. The EMBA has given me the confidence to go for it and take Nom Noms World Food from strength to strength. The EMBA has not only allowed me to fulfil my initial goals, but given me the confidence and skills to go even further.

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    To check your suitability for one of our MBA programmes, please submit your CV in the first instance and we will get back to you with some personalised feedback on your fit for your programme of interest. We will also provide you with some advice and guidance on the entry requirements and the admissions process.

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