MBA Program

    • Full or part time
      Full time & On campus available
    • Course fees
      3,200,000 Yen per year
    • Course Disciplines
      Management Studies International Business Marketing - Market Research Marketing - Other Business & Management - Other Project Management Strategic Management Finance - Other Financial Management Business
    • Course Start
    • Course Duration
      2 years full-time
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    Course Description

    Leverage emerging markets for global advantage

    IUJ's MBA was listed No.1 MBA in Japan, No.4 worldwide for job offers within 3 months of graduation in The Economist MBA Ranking 2021.

    As the first US-style business school in Japan, IUJ's MBA program has bridged management thinking between international and Japanese business communities. It has helped international students access Japanese job markets, and Japanese companies expand their business to global markets. Leading the fast-changing environment, it has developed the latest rigorous ideas and disseminated them widely. As a result, the program has earned many recognitions from outside accreditors like the Economist's "Best Business Schools" and AACSB International, not to mention praise from its stakeholders.

    The curriculum of the program puts considerable emphasis on 'Leveraging Emerging Markets for Global Advantage.' It focuses on the knowledge, skills, and mindset required to take the best advantage of the world's fastest-growing economies. Another critical element is technological challenges. Updated program contents expose students to the impact of digital transformation and the 4th industrial revolution. The program also integrates socially responsible business leadership in the curriculum and supports sustainable growth and development.

    The first year of the MBA Program is devoted to foundation building. Students tackle the essentials of management with an emphasis on global leadership and emerging markets through case studies. Cases on issues in Asia, Africa, and Latin America are regularly included. In addition, with case based group discussions, students experience cross-border communication and global team leadership. Students begin to customize their courses for their career goals from the Spring term in the first year and take one or multiple 'specialization' paths. They are also encouraged to take part in the Japanese solid language program offered by our dedicated faculty.

    Thesis/Research Report

    Submission of the graduation thesis/research report is one of the requirements for the IUJ MBA degree. Each student produces a unique academic work in a business area of their choice either individually or as a member of a group. Faculty supervision ensures a high quality output. This work begins in spring or fall term depending on the track in which student enrolls.

     Message from MBA Director

     Message from Graduate School of International Management Dean

    Admissions and Scholarship Information

    Visit the MBA Program page on the International University of Japan web site for more details!

    (Student Profile)

    El Mehdi Er Raqabi

    The MBA curriculum was the most exciting program I’ve encountered, and I had the opportunity to make it highly diverse with the number of courses IUJ offers. One thing I enjoyed during my classes was seeing life from different perspectives. My technical background focuses on mathematics and engineering, but I was able to learn from managerial and behavioral viewpoints.

    Alongside my thesis, my time at IUJ saw me participate in academic conferences, a library internship, teaching assistant roles in three courses, and facilitator roles in training programs for large Japanese corporations. IUJ creates a learning environment where you interact with individuals from all over the world, and as a result, my mindset shifted to a more global one. Studying here has made me a better human and scientist. I developed a passion for research and continuous improvement that will undoubtedly boost my career as a global leader and researcher.

    (Student Profile)

    Keita Tsujimoto

    "Learn teamwork through practical group work in diversity"

    My IUJ Classmates are not just friends. They are more like comrades who discussed, sometimes fought, and struggled with me through group work. A big advantage of IUJ’s MBA program must be that we can learn how in practice to work as teams by doing group work with people having diverse opinions, cultural backgrounds and work experience. I personally learned a lot not only from my professors but also from my classmates, and that
    made me realize how much I have yet to learn. “They are working hard, so must I”. Having such comrades in the world… what can be more fantastic than that?

    My recommended course: Japanese Style Management and Corporate Governance by Hyunkoo Lee
    You can objectively learn from a non-Japanese professor what “Japanese style” is in comparison to other country’s styles.

    (Student Profile)

    Asami Hakozaki

    MBA features:
    The program provides both practical theories and techniques owing to competent professors. The days I worked together with my diverse colleagues will surely inspire and encourage me in my future endeavors

    Research topic:
    A proposal for a global CSV strategy for JR East

    Recommended course:
    Entrepreneurship and Venture Finance (Prof. YuenLeng Chow)
    Professor Chow was impressive due to her insightful lectures

    I would like to contribute to the growth of emerging economies through my job responsibilities.


    IUJ Direct Award Scholarships - 0 Awards

    IUJ provides a limited number of scholarships for newly enrolling international students to support their IUJ studies with the expectation that they will also be active participants in support of the local community and gain a good understanding of the Japanese society. These scholars are expected to develop leadership skills and then contribute to the international society in a leadership role upon graduation. Priority for this scholarship is given to those with excellent academic performances and in financial need.

    Value of Scholarship(s)

    IUJ awards these scholarships to recipients selected from successful applicants at the time of admissions.


    Nakayama 100 Premium: Partial Exemption of Admission Fee: 250,000yen, Full Exemption of Tuition, Stipend, Exemption of the dormitory fee
    Nakayama 100 A: Partial Exemption of Admission Fee, Full Exemption of Tuition
    Nakayama 100: Full Exemption of Tuition
    Nakayama 90: Partial Exemption of Tuition(90% of the full tuition)
    Nakayama 70: Partial Exemption of Tuition (70% of the full tuition)
    Nakayama 50: Half Exemption of Tuition (50% of the full tuition)
    Nakayama 30: Partial Exemption of Tuition (30% of the full tuition)
    Nakayama Plus: A reduction of dormitory fee

    Application Procedure

    Please complete the IUJ Online Application (
    Please respond to all questions inputting your answers directly into the online forms. Be sure to complete each section.
    IUJ will award or make nominations for awards (when possible) to the appropriate scholarships to successful applicants.
    Applying in the early intakes for these scholarships is highly recommended. Scholarships are competitive.

    Further Information

    Entry Requirements

    The requirements for completing the MBA are 1) two years of enrollment, 2) acquisition of at least 40 credits, 3) submission of a master’s thesis or research report after receiving the necessary research guidance, and 4) passing the thesis/research report evaluation and final examination. Students are awarded an MBA at the time of completion.

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