Intensive MBA Program

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    Full time & On campus available
  • Course fees
    3,900,000 yen
  • Course Disciplines
    Human Resource Management - Other Marketing - Market Research Marketing - Other Business & Management - Other Project Management Strategic Management Finance - Other Financial Management Business
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  • Course Duration
    1 year full-time
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Course Description

Educating innovative and responsible leaders with a global perspective

The COVID pandemic and rapid digitalization of business processes are inducing a paradigm shift in the way we conduct business. Corporations are placing increasing emphasis on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) issues. The post-COVID-19 business environment requires managers to be cognizant of ESG issues and integrate them in business performance. IUJ’s IMBA program prepares future leaders to meet these new challenges.

The 12-month IMBA program curriculum is compact, rigorous, and demanding. We believe in building core competencies that enable managers to deep dive into innovative business solutions for their businesses. At IUJ, cases are used to better prepare managers to apply what they have learnt to real business situations. The cases focus on issues in both advanced economies and emerging markets in Asia, Africa, and Latin America. At IUJ, students from diverse nationalities work, play, and learn together on a daily basis. Summer capstone courses with an overseas study trip are the final wrap-up for the IMBA program.

An IUJ graduate gains the unique benefit of establishing a global network with classmates hailing from 50 over countries. Our alumni services allow our graduates to access our strong IUJ alumni network and to participate in seminar series focused on current trending topics. Join our IUJ family and immerse yourself in a fun place where the world gathers to acquire new professional skills and develop life-long relationships.

Message from Intensive MBA Director

Admissions and Scholarship Information

Visit the Intensive MBA Program page on the International University of Japan web site for more details!

(Student Profile)

Ryosuke Hanada

Indonesia, Myanmar, Sudan, Uzbekistan, and more...during my time at IUJ, I became familiar with these countries as the homelands of my classmates. More than just the content of IUJ’s lectures and coursework, the close bond that develops between students here is one of the university’s great treasures.

Because of the diversity of our student body, you have the opportunity to learn both inside and outside of the classroom. I think that this kind of environment is what makes completing studies at IUJ so valuable.

Compared to the two-year MBA program, the one-year program has a more accelerated curriculum, which has many advantages. I particularly feel that the program is worth considering for prospective students who would like to return to the workforce as quickly as possible.

(Student Profile)

Hitoshi Nakagami

"Beyond my expectation, the real World is here"

Can you imagine a situation where there are many nationalities in one place? Asia, Africa, Europe, the Americas. You can learn a lot from excellent faculty members in class, but more than that, you can experience the real world from all the students at IUJ. I knew that people had different ideas around the world, but ‘Seeing is better than hearing’, and this has been beyond my expectations.
The 1-year MBA program is intense but it will give me real knowledge about how I can work with people with different backgrounds.

My recommended course: Business Presentation by Prof. Mohammed Ahmed
Leaders should influence people to move or change. This course gives you practical presentation skills and lots of

(Student Profile)

Kazumi Oda

IMBA features:
Many of the classes involve group work. This helps students develop the ability to discuss and/or theorize based on facts, which is an essential skill for actual work
Research topic: Developing Capabilities to Mitigate Risks in Japanese Electric Vehicle Supply Chains

Recommended course:
Strategic Management (Prof. Gaku Funabashi)
The Professor explained clearly in an easy-to-understand manner how logical thinking helps make management strategies and what processes need to be followed

I received firsthand experience working in an atmosphere of diversity at IUJ. I would like to continue to be actively involved in businesses with countries overseas


IUJ Direct Award Scholarships - 0 Awards

IUJ provides a limited number of scholarships for newly enrolling international students to support their IUJ studies with the expectation that they will also be active participants in support of the local community and gain a good understanding of the Japanese society. These scholars are expected to develop leadership skills and then contribute to the international society in a leadership role upon graduation. Priority for this scholarship is given to those with excellent academic performances and in financial need.

Value of Scholarship(s)

IUJ awards these scholarships to recipients selected from successful applicants at the time of admissions.


Nakayama 100 Premium: Partial Exemption of Admission Fee: 250,000yen, Full Exemption of Tuition, Stipend, Exemption of the dormitory fee
Nakayama 100 A: Partial Exemption of Admission Fee, Full Exemption of Tuition
Nakayama 100: Full Exemption of Tuition
Nakayama 90: Partial Exemption of Tuition(90% of the full tuition)
Nakayama 70: Partial Exemption of Tuition (70% of the full tuition)
Nakayama 50: Half Exemption of Tuition (50% of the full tuition)
Nakayama 30: Partial Exemption of Tuition (30% of the full tuition)
Nakayama Plus: A reduction of dormitory fee

Application Procedure

Please complete the IUJ Online Application (
Please respond to all questions inputting your answers directly into the online forms. Be sure to complete each section.
IUJ will award or make nominations for awards (when possible) to the appropriate scholarships to successful applicants.
Applying in the early intakes for these scholarships is highly recommended. Scholarships are competitive.

Further Information

Entry Requirements

Online application
Personal Statement
Research Topic
Scanned College Certificates (Transcripts)
2 Recommendation Letters
English Test Score: TOEFL, IELTS or TOEIC Score Report (See exemption policy below)
GMAT score or alternative test score
Application Fee

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