Master of Digital Marketing - MBA

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    Full time & On campus available
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    22,900 EUR
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  • Course Start
    September, January
  • Course Duration
    1 year
  • MBA Program Type

Course Description

This program is taught in ENGLISH.

Harbour.Space’s Digital Marketing Master is designed to grow a new generation of leading marketing specialists – digital savvy professionals that can benefit from the explosive growth of online technologies by using the most cutting-edge, innovative tools in their daily job.

The Harbour.Space teaching methodology uniquely combines a strong academic background in business studies, finance, accounting, marketing, and strategy with an in-depth and specific digital knowledge in online video, mobile, viral, social media, and data-driven marketing. You will be a daily witness of the latest innovations from Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Twitter, Netflix, and other greatest technological companies.

Our professors are not academic teachers – they are accomplished digital and marketing professionals that have launched thousands of successful advertising campaigns and made many winning strategic decisions.

During the Master of Digital Marketing, you will primarily be developing your skills with projects, through which you will gain a solid understanding of the decision-making processes, hands-on experience and confidence to work with real problems as well as being part of a team. 


  • Intro to Digital Marketing & Content Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Concepts 1.0
  • Advanced Digital Customer Experience Corporate Communications, PR & Storytelling
  • Limitless Human Becoming,
  • Content Strategy
  • Data-Driven & Email Marketing
  • Building perfect-SEO Digital Platforms
  • Digital Analytics using the Google Marketing Platform
  • Digital Marketing Masterclass
  • Research-driven Design with a Global Perspective
  • Virtual Company Legal Environment PR & Content E-Commerce
  • Digital Advertising
  • Startup Storytelling
  • Public Speaking Skills & Negotiation Masterclass
  • Demo Day Bootcamp
  • Capstone Project

Check our academic schedule for an overview of all the classes we are offering.

Programme Leadership

Andy Crestodina

Co-Founder / Strategic Director of Orbit Media Studios

Andy Crestodina is a co-founder and the Strategic Director of Orbit Media, an award-winning 38-person web design company in Chicago.

During a career that has spanned over 15 years, Andy has provided web strategy and advice to more than a thousand businesses. As a top-rated speaker at national conferences and as a writer for many of the biggest blogs, Andy has dedicated himself to the teaching of marketing.

Andy has written hundreds of articles on content strategy, search engine optimisation, social media and Analytics.

●    Forbes Top 10 Online Marketing Experts to Watch in 2015

●    Entrepreneur Magazine Top 50 Marketing Influencer in 2016

●    Mentor at 1871, the #1 incubator in the US

●    Adjunct Professor of Digital Marketing at Loyola University

Stephanie Schwab

CEO, Crackerjack Marketing

Social Media, Content Marketing & Influencer Marketing

Stephanie Schwab is the Co-Director of Harbour.Space’s Digital Marketing programme. She is the CEO of Crackerjack Marketing, a digital marketing agency specialising in social media, content marketing and influence marketing. In her 15+ years of experience in e-commerce and digital media, with the last 11 focused on social media, she has worked with well-known brands including Target, Graco Baby, Pernod-Ricard, Citizen Watch, and Abbott. Stephanie’s teams have been honoured with social media industry awards including a Ragan PR Daily award, a WOMMIE award, a PRNews Platinum award, and an OMMA award.

Stephanie is also an adjunct faculty member at Loyola University’s Quinlan School of Business in Chicago, and The New School/Parsons School in New York.

Other professionals that currently teach at our Digital Marketing Master’s programme are:

●       Rebecca Lieb (Co-Founder & Analyst at Kaleido Insights)

●       Justin Li (Founder & Creative Director at Hello Astro)

●       Marybeth Sandell (CEO of Jamp Media, Partner at Content Pixies)

●       Charles Farina (Director of Analytics at Analytics Pros)

●       Susannah Sulsar (Director Strategic Intelligence Group, Avadim Health)

●       Alejandro Rigatuso (VP of Growth Marketing and Head of Growth at Toptal )

Check our Faculty Page and Google our teachers to see who you could be learning from.

About Harbour.Space

A space for learning design, technology and entrepreneurship at the highest level. We make it our mission to modernize education to meet the demands of the industry. We do that by doing things differently:

  1. We divide the year in 15 blocks called Modules. Every module has a duration of 3 weeks. During these 3 weeks, you will usually have 1 topic only. This immersive learning approach means real-world problems take centre stage in the classroom, not textbook challenges. Through the module system, students can deep dive into each individual topic, while being able to customise their course path throughout the year.
  2. Our professors are not academic teachers – they are accomplished professionals that have launched many successful products and services and made winning strategic decisions. You will learn from the best.
  3. Tailored learning experience: We believe students know themselves best and we encourage them to build their own paths. That means you don’t have to limit yourself to 1 subject only, as you might have many talents and interests. We invite you to discover them.
  4. As we live in a fast-paced world where changes happen quickly we want to keep the curriculum as up to date and relevant as possible. This means last-minute changes may apply and that we will update the curriculum every year. 
  5. Working and learning within a diverse community - both in nationalities and academic backgrounds - leads to exceptional collaborations and ultimately remarkable projects. You will be learning next to the brightest and most ambitious young people from all around the world. Check out our student album.

Harbour.Space in Numbers

Sometimes, it’s easier to let the numbers speak for themselves. Here are some quick stats we’re sure you’ll find interesting:

  • 95% of our graduates are currently working
  • 83% of them found a job within the first 3 months since graduating
  • 53% of our graduates actually found work before graduating
  • 80% of our graduates are happy with their current position

Want to see more? you can find all the numbers you need as well as the story behind them in our Employability report here.

Visit the Master of Digital Marketing - MBA page on the Harbour.Space University web site for more details!

(Student Profile)

Francisca Pinto

“Harbour.Space allowed me to meet like-minded people who pushed me to see the planet as my only limitation (at least for now!).”

Francisca Pinto graduated from the Digital Marketing Master’s programme at Harbour.Space, Barcelona campus.

Francisca is a 25-year-old economist from Porto, Portugal who is passionate about travelling. She is on a mission to revolutionise the tourism industry and start her own business, Azimuth Property Management. With an application for local government funding submitted, she aspires to create a world where heritage is celebrated and culture is preserved through unique immersive accommodation experiences. Azimuth is starting with 26 owned properties in Porto downtown.


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Harbour.Space is committed to ensuring that the best students can attend the university, independently of their financial circumstances. We are supporting extraordinary students who would not be here without the assistance provided by their endowed scholarships. No separate application is required.


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These scholarships celebrate and support women who are beginning technology careers. With these funds, we hope to encourage women to pursue careers in computer science, high-tech entrepreneurship, digital marketing, and design — and to become leaders in the field.

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Harbour.Space is committed to ensuring that the best students can attend the university, independently of their financial circumstances. We are supporting extraordinary students who would not be here without the assistance provided by their endowed scholarships. No separate application is required.

Entry Requirements

Bachelor’s degree & english proficiency.
While we are highly selective we do not base the decision on the review of the grades and transcripts alone. We believe that grades and standardised test results are sometimes not fully indicative of a student’s ability to work on a project and to innovate. We consider the overall certificates, transcript, motivation and recommendation letters as well as awards, achievements and extracurricular activities. One of the crucial parts of a student's application is the project proposal and ability to demonstrate eagerness to study a particular field.

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