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Master's on Business Administration (MBA)

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Course Description

About this course

In 1993, Beijing Institute of Technology, (BIT) resumed management education and established the graduate school. This was authorized by Ministry of Education one of the first two groups of universities who are entitled to grant MBA degree. The MBA program has become one of the Chinese most influential brands.

Adhering to the rigorous academic attitude, the BIT MBA program has been always paying high attention to the quality of teaching and the combination of theory with practice, playing the advantage of coordinated development of our university’s science, engineering, management and arts and strong operating foundation. Also, through providing quality educational system and systematic professional training structure, BIT MBA program has developed excellent management students for Chinese enterprises who aware general operating rules of economic market, understand the situation of our country, have the global vision, responsibility and team work spirit, possess efficient and progressive personality. Our MBA program is distinctive for the powerful faculties, strong discipline base, and long history, excellent students, diverse teaching methods, outstanding teaching achievements, good teaching environment, and perfect management system.

Students are required to have strong analysis judgment, policy-making ability and leadership skills; have strong enterprising and pioneering spirit; have a healthy and self-confident mentality, be good at communication, persuasion and coordination.

The basic length of schooling for master students is 2 years. In principle, students should complete the courses in the first academic year. Thesis work time should not be less than one year. The maximum length of study for master students is extended by 0.5 years on the basis of 2 years.


Examples of required courses: International business; International finance; International business law; Operating management; Business ethics; Management information system; Marketing management; Accounting

Public Course

1)Chinese Language: Set by International Students Center of BIT. All international students must take Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Program 2018 this compulsory course.

2) Outline of China: Set by International Students Center of BIT. All international students must take this compulsory course. 5. Compulsory Part

Compulsory Part

(1) Practice Part (7credits) MBA students can acquire 7 credits from participating in practical activities, including internships or working experience, development practices, visiting practices, social practices and so on. The duration of practice should be no less than 6 months, and MBA students are required to submit their practice plan and practice summary.

(2) Innovative and Entrepreneurial Activities (1 credit) MBA students need to participate in at least 4 seminars about innovation & entrepreneurship or other topics about business administration, and write a report of each seminar, to summarize content of the seminar and illustrate their academic opinions. Each report should be no less than 800 words.

The Dissertation Related Work

(1) Literature Review & Opening Report During the period of study, MBA students should read at least 30 domestic and foreign literatures in their research fields, and write no less than 3,000 words literature review report based on this. The literature review should include current research, frontiers, trends and issues to be further discussed. When selecting a topic for thesis, MBA students should combine theory with practice. The thesis emphasizes on practicing students’ ability of applying theories and knowledge to solve practical problems.

(2) Mid-Term Evaluation The supervisor is in charge of the mid-term evaluation which is conducted from curriculum credits, compulsory part, thesis proposal and the development of thesis.

(3) Thesis Defense MBA students should complete thesis independently under the instruction of their supervisors. When writing the thesis, students need to combine theory with practices, comprehensively use their knowledge to analysis and solve practical problems in the business administration field. Thesis should be innovative or have practical and referential value in the theory application of economic management, Beijing Institute of Technology Graduate Program 2018 method analysis, management idea etc. The format of thesis can be paper, or research report (high quality report, enterprise diagnose report or case, etc.). Thesis evaluation mainly focuses on students’ abilities of comprehensively using MBA theoretical knowledge to solve practical problems, and whether the content is innovative and has practical value. The school will inspect whether students are qualified for final defense through blind review and so on

Note: These courses are subject to changes without prior notice.

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Entry Requirements

Bachelor's Degree
Health Check
TOEFL (min score 86) or IELTS (min score 6.0) for non-native English speakers

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