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Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program (GMBA)

  • Full or part time
    Full time available
  • Course fees
    US$ 28000 FOR 2 YEARS
  • Course Disciplines
  • Course Start
    September, March
  • Course Duration
    2 years
  • MBA Program Type

Course Description

About this course

The Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program is tailored for future leaders who aspire to propel their careers on to the global stage while maintaining a focus on China. The Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program is distinguished by its world-class learning experience, high-caliber global student body, and unrivaled access to the best of China. Primarily taught in English with Chinese course selections, MBA from Tsinghua University with MIT course certificate

Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program is designed to deliver three core philosophy’s to its students: the theories and frameworks used by top managers to make decisions (the "knowing" component), the techniques and skills needed for students to become strong, effective managers (the "doing" component), and the values, attitudes and ethics that will guide them as future leaders in China and the world (the "being" component). Under the new curriculum framework, students will undertake four important core course modules during their first year.

Module 1: Soft-skills ("being")

English / Chinese

Ethics and Corporate Accountability

Leadership Development

Managerial Thinking and Communications

Organizational Behavior

Module 2: Analytical foundations ("knowing")


Data, Models, and Decisions

Managerial Economics

Module 3: Management fundamentals ("knowing")

Corporate Finance


Operations Management

Strategic Management

Module 4: China and the World ("knowing")

China’s Institutional Environment and Business Law

Management of Global Enterprises

The Chinese Economy in the World

China Roots Seminars

Students who complete our Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA curriculum will achieve balanced understanding of three aspects:

● The balance between knowledge and ethics. The curriculum imparts not only knowledge and theories, but also cultivates the ethics and soft skills important for students to become future leaders.

● The balance between academic precision and practical relevance. The curriculum provides both breadth and depth of knowledge as well as a view of how that knowledge can be used in contemporary business practices.

● Finally, the balance between China roots and global vision. In close liaison with Chinese enterprises, government institutions, and non-profit organizations, Tsinghua GMBA curriculum gives students the best understanding of China's current and future economic opportunities. Furthermore, the curriculum also reaches out well beyond China's boarders to make global impact and allowing for better preparation for future leaders of both China and the world.

2. Elective Courses

MBA elective courses are offered in both English and Chinese. Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA students are free to create their own concentration by selecting courses from the 7 tracks of elective courses listed below, as well as industrial elective courses in Real Estate, Clean Energy etc.

Strategy and Leadership

Develop a multi-disciplinary approach and strengthen abilities in strategy formulation and implementation. Courses analyze how individuals and organizations achieve market success against the backdrop of globalization and technology development.


An area of choice for students interested in the finance sector or in financial positions within organizations. Courses build up an in-depth understanding on how financial markets operate, and equip students with quantitative tools to interpret and analyze financial data.


Capture customers’ needs through effective marketing. Students learn how to develop and implement marketing strategies amidst competition while utilizing the multitude of channels available today.

E-Commerce and Supply Chain Management

With the trend of vertical integration, this is a key issue not limited only to the manufacturing sector. Students gain insights on boosting operational efficiency by leveraging technology to enhance value chain systems and to increase distribution channel options.

Human Resources and Organizational Behavior

A constantly challenging area for organizations to address. students focusing on this concentration learn to optimize and leverage human capital within organizations through strategic tools such as organizational structures and incentive frameworks.


Take the leap into enterprise and innovation, either by becoming a start-up entrepreneur or by creating new value in existing organizations. This set of elective courses aim to enhance core capabilities of business development, decision-making, and risk management.

Financial Analysis and Management Control

Focus on financial analysis and corporate management control systems in collaboration with financial and managerial accounting. This direction builds on mechanisms to better implement strategy and ensure that operations proceed according to plan and that strategic objectives are achieved.

Visit the Tsinghua-MIT Global MBA Program (GMBA) page on the Tsinghua University web site for more details!

Entry Requirements

Bacheler's Degree A minimum score of 6.5 points for the IELTS or a minimum score of 90 points for the TOEFL.

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