MBA Automotive Industry

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      May, October
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      3 semester + master's thesis, part-time program
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    Course Description

    Technological developments are reshaping the automotive industry. Networked cars, autonomous driving and e-mobility are just some of the current trends in the automotive and supplier industry. Changing customer behavior of the so-called Generation XYZ, new players in the market such as Google, Apple and new business models are leading to distruptive changes in the industry.

    The automotive industry needs a new generation of managers to master these challenges. Leaders who are able to deal with technological and social changes, leaders who can help their organizations remain competitive in the marketplace, and leaders who have the skills to successfully run their businesses in an uncertain and complex environment. This MBA program prepares executives and high potentials for the demands of the global economy and focuses on the areas of production, logistics and Industry 4.0 in the automotive industry.

    The MBA program is rounded off by excursions to companies in the renowned automotive industry or its suppliers, such as in the Stuttgart region. In addition, you will get current and future trends from opinion leaders in the automotive industry and its suppliers during business evenings.

    Final Degree "Master of Business Administration" (MBA) granted by the TU Wien

    Language of Instruction English

    Duration 3 semester + Master's thesis


    In our Base Camp on Management & Technology, you will acquire a basic technical understanding and key business management qualifications to build up the ability to have a say and make decisions on general management issues against the background of technological developments. In the Leadership & Organizational Behavior Retreat you will grow beyond yourself and get to know your leadership behavior in a new way. Experience and application-oriented learning as well as intensive exchange and interaction in small groups will raise your leadership competence to a new level and strengthen your self-image as a leader.

    At the next station students will get deeper insights into the structrue and processes in the automotive and supply industry to be able to perceive holistically the specialties, problems, methods and upcoming trends of production and logistics in the automotive industry. They can recognize business activities as processes and apply the managerial principles of process management. They are able to evaluate current development and visualize/predict future trends.


    Management & Technology | 15 Days

    • Finance, Accounting & Economics
    • Managing Technologies
    • Strategy & Marketing 

    Leadership & Organizational Behavior | Leadership-Retreats (9 Days)

    Fundamentals in Operation | 9 Days

    • Introduction in Automotive and Excursion 
    • Operation Management 
    • Automotive Production Systems & Networks 
    • Automotive Development Process and Digital Engineering   
    • Process Management and Optimizations 
    • Quality Management, Auditing and Certification   

    Advanced Operations in the Automotive Industry | 6 Days

    • Lean Management, CIP, Kaizen & Tools 
    • Smart Maintenance, TPM, Data Analytics & AI 
    • Industry 4.0, Digitalization, Automation, Technology  
    • Information Management, IT, PPC  
    • Mobility, Energy and Environmental Aspects  
    • Procurement, Supplier & Contract Management 

    International Field Study | 6 Days (Stuttgart Region)

    • Industrial Engineering & Logistics 

    Master's Thesis 

    Target Group 

    This MBA is the right choice for you if you

    • want to develop your management and leadership skills
    • want to prepare for an interdisciplinary, innovative management function in the automotive or supplier industry
    • want to expand and deepen your automotive industry network 

    Admission Requirements

    First academic degree; 3 years of work experience; personal interview.

    Tuition Fee

    EUR 27.400 (excl. expenses for travel and accommodation)

    Visit the MBA Automotive Industry page on the Vienna University of Technology web site for more details!

    Entry Requirements

    First academic degree; 3 years of work experience; personal interview

    Course Fees

    EUR 27.400 (excl. expenses for travel and accommodation)

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