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mba dos and duns plus what to expect and things to take into consideration

User: harrylynn - 03 September 2011 11:19

Hi everyone,

It's been a while, I lost in touch with the forum. How is everyone doing ??

I want to discuss about MBA program and getting inputs from those experience with. I m thinking of going for MBA n like most people I m a working adult in software engineering industry.

That pop up a few questions on my head and would like to bring those to community attention and get some advice on those.

1.When considering which university to go for MBA, does the university ranking and popularity makes a lot of difference ?? I was told and getting an impression from people I knew that without a Harvard or Oxford MBA, getting MBA from other universities wouldn't make any difference.

2. Would getting a MBA , contribute a lot to my career ?? Obviously, one reason of taking it that I wanna build a good portfolio on my career and I have no idea he relationship between doing MBA as a software engineer but not master in computer science.

3. I would be appreciated if others could share their experience here which I might have misses or need to know before stepping into.

Thanks all and looking forward to seeing inputs from you all.

User: oortiz - 27 February 2012 16:44

Hi, University ranking definitely matters in selecting a college. Ranking is given based on a number of aspects, hence a highly ranked college would be better than a low ranked one. Yes, getting an MBA would contribute to your career. You will be better equipped in knowledge than the ones who don't have a management degree. But just having knowledge will be of no use if not applied well.