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Which MBA is better???

User: waqasyaqoob - 29 September 2011 08:59

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middlesex university.
university of staffordshire.
university of hertfodshire.
can any body tell me which 1 of these universities has better MBA compared to other two universities??? please help me out..

User: iiebm - 16 March 2012 08:55

its depend on your interest if your interest in some specific segment then you just go for it..

User: wlci1995 - 20 March 2012 09:44

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User: grvacademy - 20 March 2012 12:17

its better to choose your choice in which you are good and interest then you can match with it market value how much respect getting in corporate sector in which MBA like HR, IT or what ever..

User: acharyabbs - 21 March 2012 09:15

According to market value the competitor also increase in the same field which having more value in corporate sector so its depend on your choice in which field you are interest and then go for it..

User: oortiz - 27 March 2012 04:13

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Hi Waqasyaqoob,

Above mention is almost a reputed one's. Now yourself have to decide that which you will give you the best in your specialization.

User: marykabrown - 30 April 2012 07:46

It is all depends on your specialization. Specify your specialization, so that we can suggest.