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Research proposal HELP

User: acm1899 - 01 November 2011 21:09


I'm nearly done with my master studies in Marketing and I already have a research topic in mind. However, I'm not quite sure whether my research is too general or not and thus I'm afraid that my proposal will be rejected.
Hence I would like to conduct a qualitative study through which I can examine the role that external environmental factors have on companies overall marketing strategy. Can somebody (preferably those who have already done any research regarding marketing strategy) advice me on this issue, and do you think that this topic is too broad?

I'm stuck in the middle of nowhere, please help me!

Thank you in advance

ACM 1899

User: walminskipeasucker - 01 November 2011 22:37

Really, this is the job of your MSc research project supervisor - you need to ask him/her. Also, why not read around the subject (review papers/research papers), see what has been done and how you can build on it. Choose one little facet of what you want to look at and build on that. I think it is unfair to expect people on this forum to effectively do your work for you. Good luck!

User: acm1899 - 02 November 2011 09:34