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How to Focus while preparing for entrance exams

User: oortiz - 04 April 2012 06:03

Firstly keep your cell phones and laptops away while studying. Make a note of what topics need to be covered today and check at the end of the day what is done. Make a study time table and follow the routine. Do not eat heavy meals before studying Do not listen to music or watch tv while studying. If writing and studying helps you remember better then please write as much as possible. See what works best for you and apply that in your study regime. Solve lot of question papers and time yourself for the same. ALL THE BEST!

User: onetecsolutions - 09 April 2012 08:57

Like above reply so much he absolutely right very well that these mobiles,laptops,play station all these type of things by which we engaged in other activities other than studies.I dont want to gave lecture here you guys are not so young that here we teach you how to study i just want to say that if you know or understand the importance of papers or studies so you definitely study at any cost other wise no one is there who compel you to study.Thanks